SFRI, Experience & Expertise at Your Service

SFRI is a French manufacturer and international exporter of In Vitro Diagnostic instruments and reagents present in over 60 countries around the world.

Since its creation in 1977 SFRI has built up over 30 years of in-depth experience and expertise in the In Vitro Diagnostics field, specializing in human biological analysis and concentrating on routine clinical testing in the hematology, biochemistry and immunology sectors.

SFRI is proud to provide accessible and affordable products and services of outstanding quality and reliability that contribute to bettering the quality of life of patients and the performance of medical professionals worldwide.

Since its creation, SFRI has strived to offer ever more secure and automated systems as well as enhance performance of reagents and methods for dosage.
The systems marketed by SFRI include:
•    Instruments allowing for automated testing
•    Reagents necessary to producing bio-clinical tests, such as determining the quantities of various blood cells, identifying protein levels, etc.

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