Genspeed R2 Analyzer

Genspeed R2 Analyzer:

With their motto “Fast results to drive decisions”, Genspeed offers targeted identification of nosocomial pathogens and their resistances using ready-to-use test kits, automation for reduction of manual steps and detailed result analysis. The current portfolio covers separate detection of Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA), toxigenic C. difficile, most relevant carbapenem-resistances as well as vancomycin-resistances. These parameters are well known to cause healthcare-associated infections (HAI).  
With its integrated process controls and a turn-around time of ≤ 100 minutes, Genspeed® provides a fast and easy solution that allows patient diagnosis and tailored treatment within one single day.
The Genspeed® Analyzer R2 works on test-chip basis and allows real-time detection of pathogens and subsequent analysis using the Genspeed® Report Software.
The products are developed by Genspeed, a company founded in 2016 as a spin-off company of Greiner Bio-One. Genspeed develops and produces IVD-certified rapid testing solutions based on the patented GENSPEED® technology.

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