Powerful, flexible data acquisition systems that make science easier – as a motto for whole group

Record and analyze physiological signals from human and animal subjects.
LabChart software and PowerLab hardware offer versatile solutions for life science research.

1.   Research fields:

  • Electrophysiology
  • Cardiovascular
  • Exercise and Sport science
  • Muscle
  • Nervous &Sensory
  • Respiratory
  • Chemical & Physical

2.   Education:

  • LabTutor Engage your students in and out of the classroom with dynamic, hands-on life science.
    Take rich, compelling classes that help students learn independently or in groups through a series of practical exercises. LabTutor software engages your students through active learning and self-evaluation.
  • LabChart Teach with the same research-grade equipment the professionals use Students investigate physiological concepts and practice common procedures with LabChart software and PowerLab hardware – research-grade products used in all Top 100 Universities in the world.

3.   SW and HW products for Life Science:

  • LabChart
  • PowerLab
  • LabTutor
  • Complete Systems
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Instruments
  • Accessories and Parts
  • Consumables

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